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The Lean Master Certification Program helps your team manage the Lean journey of your organization. Our program focuses on change-agent skills by developing personal relationships, system design, and strategy deployment competencies.

Moving from operational to organizational change requires greater competencies from change leaders. This training program will give you the skills to become a change leader, which we call Lean Masters.

Who should attend?

Senior managers, managers, engineers, and operational professionals responsible for operational capacities, flexibility, and responsiveness to meet demand.

The training aims to ensure you possess the ability to utilize the purpose and concepts of Lean Manufacturing and improve one value stream in an organization to create immediate and quantifiable improvements. We offer a complete programmed of education and coaching on the creation of Lean value chains with certification for participants to earn recognition as a Certified Lean Master.

Lean Master Certification Program includes:

  • Hands-on classroom instruction
  • Onsite practical application of Lean tools
  • Training from nationally recognized experts and local practitioners
  • One-on-one coaching for certification projects

Lean Master training also includes discussions and coaching of Advanced Lean Tools such as Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM), Setup Reduction, Flow Tools (Cell/Pull), and Hoshin/Policy Deployment.