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This course navigates participants through the statistical tools of Minitab’s most recent version so that they may comfortably manipulate data and solve problems. It covers the use and interpretation of Minitab’s graphs, including Histograms, Box Plots, Bar Charts, Interval Plots, Scatter, and Time Series Plots.

Focus on the Mechanics of Statistics Using Minitab Essentials Training

Put your data to work with Minitab. Data scientists and decision-makers worldwide use Minitab to analyze and visualize their data. With Minitab, you can draw graphs and charts, run descriptive statistics, and conduct basic inferential tests for data-driven decision making. This beginner-level course will introduce new users to all its features.

Our software trainers, who are experts at data analysis software and statisticians in their own right, pride themselves on traveling to various companies around the world to show people how to use Minitab Statistical Software to organize their data and quickly run statistical analyses, visualize data and determine key metrics. While many data analysis programs require data scientists to write lines and lines of code to address common issues – like how to change a production process to ensure as many parts as possible come off the line without defects – Minitab’s intuitive user interface helps anyone find their answers with a few clicks.

But then we found ourselves in a position where public training courses were just not an option. For the health and safety of us and our customers, we moved our training courses online. Customers could learn the same statistical tools we normally teach in person and take advantage of live trainers available to answer questions throughout.

Our online, on-demand Minitab Essential Training program is designed for anyone wishing to create meaningful data charts and graphs that perform the basic data analysis required for Six Sigma. There is no condition of any kind in this course. This is a great option for individuals who are already Six Sigma certified but do not know how to use Minitab.

As mentioned above, there are no prerequisites for this course. Anyone interested in learning how to best utilize the Minitab software should take this course.