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Six Sigma project training used for improve management method and integration of project management and Six Sigma strategies. Applications of Six Sigma in project management include effective management of Six Sigma projects, as well as the use of disciplined Six Sigma methodology in managing projects in organizations.

Six Sigma method focuses on understanding customers' requirements better and eliminating defects and waste. These objectives are achieved through profound knowledge of statistics, engineering and project management, as well as the underlying processes and systems. Objective of Six Sigma projects are to improve the organization's products, services and processes across various disciplines, including production, marketing, finance, and administration.

The Benefits of Six Sigma include better understanding of changing customer requirements, improvement of quality and delivery, reduction of waste, reduction of cost, development of robust products and processes, continuous improvement, and enhancement of competitive position. It clarifies the roles of various participants in achieving the bottom-line financial and technical objectives of each Six Sigma project, and the importance of evaluating the success of these projects.

Six Sigma method in project management. It proposes that projects are conducted under the quadruple constraints of scope, time, cost, and quality, and shows the implications of applying the Six Sigma method in each of these four areas. It also specifies potential pitfalls of careless application of the Six Sigma method in project management.

IIF provide the solution and guide for implementation or involvement in Six Sigma projects is becoming an important career path requirement in many organizations. Understanding the Six Sigma management method and the integration of project management and Six Sigma strategies can provide project professionals important opportunities to support their organizations Six Sigma project leadership, mentoring, and training needs.